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Yes hello we are better looking than all of you

So late, but this was prom!

Graduation last night. Can’t believe I’ve only got one more year until I’m there.

Looking snazzy for the family holiday party!

National Honor Society Induction. The dress was great by itself, but was not dress code permitting. The bottom of the dress was tulle and the top was a cream color with little rose decals on it. I paired it with black tights, oxfords, and a school boy jacket. I love the classic feel of a menswear style jacket with a super feminine dress. And of course, how can you go wrong with black and white?


Before and after. I cannot believe the difference!

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Awkward hipster mirror picture but outfit of the day! Loving my birthday present (the bowler hat) from my best friend Taylor!

You can kind of see my hair here. But I do love this picture.

Got this baby for my birthday! Happy birthday to me :)

Excuse the lack of posts, guys (I’ve lost two followers because of my negligence /: ), I’ve been sick the past week and haven’t been putting much thought into my clothing choices. As long as I wore a sweater, I felt better! I do love the fall and feel all together more obligated to put more effort into my own existence, so I promise I’ll be posting more often as the weather gets cooler!

New hair-cut! The road to healthiness begins.