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Casual Friday taking pictures in English class while I should be editing my inalieanable rights paper for the fiftieth time. I like my shirt (my mom actually has the same one, haha) because I has a detatchable beaded collar! I’m really digging my shoes, too. Black pointed toe flats with gold stud stars :)

Outfit of the day! I found this army green skirt in the Village in NYC, it was a perfect fit and length…a good skirt for fall! I’ve had the tank by Ella Moss for about three years, and up until now, I’d never found good pieces to go with the sort of zany colors. I paired the skirt and top with a bright purple cardigan (one of many in my collection) and wore my infamous Jesus sandals to show off the pedicure my mom treated me to yesterday :) Generally, the outfit was a success at school which always makes a bad day a little bit better!

Green pants day! I didn’t have a great shirt to wear with these new (on sale! thrifted!) H&M high waisted jeans, so I just opted for an old-faithful white and black striped shirt from a Forever21 in Denver (also on sale). I wore black faux-oxfords (I like these shoes because they’re a twist on the men’s wear like oxford..I also have them in white) and tons of jewelry, which is so unusual for me! I wish the pictures emphasized just how green these pants actually are. Think Emerald City Green :)

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope everyone’s day was as wonderful as mine was…or at least as wonderful as a Monday could be….

My first day of school outfit in action!

August 20th, 2012

First Day of School Outfit!

I found this cute navy and white heart dress at a thrift store locally and the red cardigan with rhinestone buttons was on sale at Talbet’s (oops). I have to wear white leggings with this because the skirt length doesn’t exactly meet my school’s dress code requirements…I’m wearing my new TOMS (first wearing) and for accessories, a home-made hair bow (thanks Erica!) and a red button necklace (stolen from Erica..thanks Erica!). And of course, to finish off the look, my hand-me-down Marvel Superhero bookbag (thanks Erica!). Cute or cute? :)